President’s Message

President’s Message

Our launch has been a busy time for everyone at AVETPA and the level of interaction has been very positive with members expressing their own commitment to vocational education and training and to promoting the professional contribution that members make to their graduates.

There are quite a few issues on members wish lists and we will begin in the near future to capture some of the feedback to use for future planning.

At this stage both the corporate and the individual members are keen to develop mechanisms for ongoing professional development and learning so that we can promote the achievements of members.

Interestingly, I have encountered a similar view of an allied association based in England, known as the Society for Education and Training (see Similar to AVETPA they have adopted member standards and after four years that are about to host their first national conference in Birmingham in November.

The importance of learning and development is a significant component in promoting professional standards and it needs to be accessible, in as many formats as possible and most importantly though enabling opportunities for members to network.

We will have some learning opportunities being finalised at the moment and we hope to launch some activities in the near future.

If we were to plan for a national conference for members in 4 years time we will need to increase our member base, so please encourage your colleagues to join us. A strong member base will also provide us with an opportunity to be heard in vocational education and training forums throughout the country.


Dr Shayne Baker OAM

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Dr Shayne Baker OAM
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