About the Australian Vocational Education & Training Professional Association Inc

The Australian Vocational Education & Training Professionals Association is the professional membership organisation for practitioners working in the Australian Vocational Education (VET) sector.

  • We believe that high quality education and training is essential to growth and employment
  • We support initial and ongoing professional development, equipping practitioners with the tools and support they need to be excellent in their practice, improving outcomes for learners and employers

The aims of AVETPA are :

  • To promote the professionalism and status of those working in the Australian VET sector; ensuring our members gain wider recognition for their expertise and practice.
  • To engage our members in the active use, creation and dissemination of existing and new research into effective teaching and learning practice.
  • To bring together our members into professional communities of practice through events and community networks, regional, national and online.
  • To provide educational pathways from AQF Certificate & Diploma programs through to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with higher educational providers who not only support and recognise the value of ‘work based learning’ but will provide it at a reasonable cost.
  • To build awareness that accredited qualifications (from undergraduate to doctoral levels) can be gained through Work Based Learning
  • To provide PD opportunities which are relevant and impactful at a reasonable cost
  • To encourage, stimulate and aid networking among members and between members, government, business, associations and other vocational education and training professionals.