A clean, modern website. Tailor-made videos which tell your story. A social media identity. Words which cut through the noise.

These are some of the services we offer at Craig Currie Consulting. And, really, can you afford to do without them?

We’re a young, dynamic team of media and marketing professionals.

Sure, we specialise in real estate. But we offer our skills in graphic design, social media management, video production and editorial content to, well, anyone who needs them. And if you run a business, trade association or, come to think of it, any organisation at all – then that’s you.

Now we could go all marketing geek on you here. We could tell you exactly how it is that we are so effective at reaching new audiences. We could talk about strategies like tailoring ads to social media demographics or the secrets behind posts which generate organic reach. We could talk pixel targeting campaigns, social media optimisation or whiteboard videos.

But we’d much prefer to tell you in person. So click the following links to drop us a line or check out our website.