John Clark

Chair (Professional Standards Advisory Committee)

John has been involved in both public and private education and training institutions for many years and is committed to promoting and sustaining high standards in the delivery, teaching and assessing of learners.

John brings nearly 38 years of involvement in educational management and nearly two decades in leading a community based Registered Training Organisation. In addition to (name of organisation) John is active in a range of other national and regional VET and adult education networks.

The need for teachers and trainers/assessors to access appropriate qualifications and to remain viable within an ever changing environment drive his commitment to the broad professional community that underpins successful education and training pathways.

In professional areas, John is active in the flexible and e-learning areas and keeps his hand in with instructional design and digital materials development.

John enjoys spending time with his adult children and grandchildren, travelling and working in different parts of the world and engaging with people.